Soft Gel Tips- DND Adhesive #02

Soft Gel Tips – Primer DND #01 and Adhesive DND #02 combo.

DND Soft Gel Tip Primer #01:

  1. Apply Primer on all 10 underside of DND Soft Gel Tips to create a tacky surface that will allow for better adhesion. Place them down on the table curved up for an easy pick-up.
  2. Use the same primer to apply to all 10 of your natural nails.
  3. Primer does NOT need to be cured.

DND Soft Gel Tip Adhesive #02:

  1. Apply small amount of Adhesive on the underside of the soft gel tips. (Do this step 1 by 1 for each gel tip.)
  2. Place the round edge of the tip next to your cuticle line and lightly press down to reach the free edge of your nails (pushing out all the air.) Seal the tip of your nail.
  3. Cure the single nail for 5 seconds using DND LED Flashlight, Mini Lamp, or Flower Lamp.
  4. Repeat for all 5 nails. When finished, cure all 5 nails under DND LED Lamp V3, or V4.


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